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It’s not sadness,
Instead a feeling/level of frustration.
I feel things so deeply,
I taste the emotions
and reaching in…
I can almost touch them,
but it’s that “almost” which is elusive.

Emotions, feelings and thoughts swirl around in my mind,
I visualise them, yet it’s like a vortex.
Just how can I stop the swirling so as to produce an orderly outcome,
which will make sense!

There’s a need to unite the fragmented shards
to make a whole thus eliminating the sharp edges.
It’s not the desire to remove said sharp edges,
for those edges are my lessons.
Without them I would not be who I am today.
It’s the knowledge,
that if I am able to piece said fragments I can’t get hurt.

Next, take the visuals and create chronological footage,
in so doing I create perspective in my life.
This would facilitate me
in being able to see clearly both my strengths and/or weaknesses…

18/02/2014 01:24
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