No Logical Sense


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Confusion has reigned for several days now,
emotions ranging from tearful, frustration,
desperation and eventually acceptance.

I have to question as to whether the barrage of feelings
are in fact real or simply my mind playing tricks on me?
Well, perhaps not entirely playing tricks!
Instead allowing insecurity to abduct my confidence,
and sense of well being.

I can’t explain –
Nor can I claim to make any logical sense,
as to why I would put myself through this mental anguish.
Which in turn leaves me drained on all levels.

Insomnia becomes my faithful ally;
Surreptitiously invading the cornerstones of my being,
until every fibre,
every sinew and surface of my body is like a diseased rash.

Raw and angry…
searing like a raging fire
and no amount of elixir or balm
can soothe this unbelievable malaise.

03/02/2014 10:42pm
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